Child's first year of schooling is filled with wondrous moments, it is also A time of tremendous social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Preschool is the place to develop good learning and positive self-esteem early in life and as we all know what is learnt early and practiced long makes a lasting impression and becomes more of an habit.

Lower Primary (Classes 1 to 3)

Primary Education is the initial stage of education and has as its basic aim to create, establish and offer unbiased opportunities to all children to achieve a balanced cognitive, emotional development.

We at Kizzard's Global understand this like no other and have developed a collaborative framework that involves student-teacher-student cyclic model that kindles the curiosity Of children and helps in increasing the pace of learning.

A balanced, growth friendly curriculum in small bite sized modules delivered innovatively will be the star attraction that will feed the curiosity in children of this age group.

Higher Primary (Classes 4 & 5)

Children tend to explore the environment around them, gain insights steadily and envision their dreams with knowledge obtained so far .We strive to provide ample opportunities to innovate , create , fail ,succeed and learn in the process, there by stretching their abilities at being constructive.

This gives them a holistic learning experience with freedom and expert guidance.

Secondary Classes (6 to 8)

This being the stepping stone for higher education and opportunities that lie beyond, an important phase of education where the children get wider and deeper exposure to understand their strengths and make right decisions with their parents and teachers.

Here is when our collaborative framework helps achieve this seamlessly amid the multitude of options and opportunities that prevail during this period.

Why Kizzards?