Growing Minds, Growing Up

As a child enters KIZZARDS, our curriculum being a planned and structured one, prepares a child for Academic schedules they'll soon find in Primary school.

The Preschool Curriculum includes

Our Nursery Program

Each day at KIZZARDS, children spend their time exploring, learning, and accomplishing new skills. The value of "playtime" should not be underestimated in a preschool learning environment.

KIZZARDS, through decades of working with and observing children, understands that as children work and play in well-designed learning stations, they learn to make good choices because there is purpose in their play.

Your child learns Critical Developmental Skills throughout each of our LEARNING STATIONS.

Our Kindergarten Program

Circle Time: This circle time is mainly to develop Personal, Social and Emotional Development. It helps children to share their views and to encourage peer interaction.

Theme Time: Best time to develop Listening & Speaking Skills. We encourage children to ask questions and take the lead.

Maths Time: Helps to develop Math skills. Maths time is when the children will be encouraged to learn the Math concept. And we believe that teaching numbers alone is not learning Maths, but even the concepts behind that.

Play Time: Its so essential that each and every nerve that connects to brain is activated and that can be achieved only if the child sweats every day and Play Time helps child to develop their Motor Skills.

Language Time: Encourages Listening & Speaking Skills related to language.

Our Primary Program

We exceed with XSEED. The 5 A's of the XSEED program makes the learning for child very interesting and captivating.

Aim: The aim of the session will be briefed to the students.

Action: Get set and go. The actions / experiments to be performed will be demoed.

Analysis: Encourage children to ask questions and interact more with the teacher and peers to understand the concept better.

Application: Relates to real time example and solving puzzles or scenarios.

Assesment: Helps to assess the understanding level of each student on the mentioned topic.